Born Nathaniel Grant Jr, December 16, 1986 in Charleston, South Carolina, "Jay'are" Grant is one of the most talented producer/songwriter/rapper that is independently signed to All Star Entertainment/GameTime Committee. He is the youngest of five siblings born to Nathaniel and Sandra Grant Sr, and attended The College of Charleston, where studied Business Management with a minor in Media Arts. Jay'are is also the CEO of All*Star Entertainment Music.

"In this industry you really have to have a survival of the fittest mindset," Jay'are says when he speaks on trying to make it "big" while also trying to stay relevant.

"I just had a passion for music ever since being the drummer at my parents church, Mt. Sinai Evangelistic Church of Jesus Christ, at eight years old. I started rapping over my voicemail in the gaps of songs where there were just the beat in popular songs. My friends would call and be like yo, that shit was hot!! So then I took it more serious, and look at me now!."

He surronds himself with people who takes making music seriously and is trying to go places with it. This is my life, this is my dream!!

In Novemember 2009 Jay'are launched the Jayare Music Group headquarters.  Launching a multimedia company to help companies promote their business. The Jayare Music Group has peaked already helping major businesses and even smaller non-profit organizations in web designs, photography, and many other media concerns.

On Decemeber 25th, 2009 Jay'are got engaged to Tamika, which is the first lady of All Star Entertainment. The two married the followed year on August 7th, 2010.

Jay'are is also a member of The Mighty Illustrious Zeta Zeta Chapter, of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated.  Known also by pledge name, "Birdman," Jay'are crossed as an Ace Dog with seven other brothers, together known as 8 Through Hell and Back, 2007 at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.

He later transfered to the College of Charleston, to further pursue his music career.
Up and Close with Jay'are